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Wake Wednesday - Latta University Historic Park Dedication - April 20, 2024 - Register by April 12

Join Raleigh Parks for the dedication of Latta University Historic Park! 

This park contributes to a rich history that deepens our understanding of African American life in Raleigh at the turn of the 20th century. 

All parking for this event will be at Jaycee Park (2405 Wade Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607), which is a five-minute walk from Latta University Historic Park (1001 Parker Street, Raleigh, NC 27607). Transportation from the parking area to the event via trolley will also be available starting at 3:45 p.m.

Event Details

Ages: All

Cost: Free

RSVP by Friday, April 12


Phone: 919-996-3285

Event Website - 

See historic resourse links below.

The Latta House was a home in the African American neighborhood of Oberlin, but it was so much more. The home was the last remaining building of the Latta University complex that included a tradeschool, gradeschool, dormitories and an orphanage. The University was the vision and purpose of Reverand Morgan London Latta, a freedman and former slave who received his education at Shaw University. His overarching purpose in creating the coeducational Latta University was to provide an education to underprivileged and orphan children in Raleigh’s Black community.


Latta University existed as a school from 1892 to 1920. In its prime, the university encompassed about 300 acres and had 23 buildings. After the school shut down in 1920, the land was sold and the buildings disappeared and the village grew up around the last remaining structure. That structure was the Latta home, a beautiful Queen Anne style home built in the early 1900s, Sadly the Latta home burned beyond saving in 2007.

The event on April 20 will recognize this Grand Dame of a home and Rev. Latta's history and contributions in the surrounding community.  The park will ensure that many know this story in Raleigh's African American history.

More about Reverand Latta, the Latta House and Latta University - 

Lost University: How an entire college vanished near downtown Raleigh - a documentary by Heather Leah

The Dreams That Linger - Our State Magazine by T. Edward Nickens

Rev. M. L. Latta House at Wikipedia - Be sure to see the wonderful collection of linked photos of Rev. Latta, his family and the University property in its heyday.

And of course, (because you know I love the wealth of resources and historic context in these documents)...

The Latta House Architectural Report for the Raleigh Historic District Commission and City of Raleigh which includes photos of the campus and the home before and after the fire.

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