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Wake Wednesday - Raleigh: A Capital City Travel Guide

Now that the weather is starting to get milder, it is time to get out and explore. We need to stretch our legs and our minds. If you get an itch to explore locally, enjoy this wonderful offering from the National Park Service. 

Raleigh: A Capital City - A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary
When you are ready to roam, you can open this handy travel guide right on your phone to choose your day's adventure. There is a wonderful portable travel guide features a a brief overview on the town and a list of historical sites to visit. (Note - Use the links at the footer of the page. Quite a few of the links in the header are broken. There is a wealth of information still active and accessed at the bottom of the page.)

One of these links you will want to keep handy is the one for the Early History of Raleigh (bottom of page) but is a wonderful thumbnail sketch of  Raleigh's history from the days of Joel Lane up to the growth of suburbs im the mid-20th Century. 

These other active links will help you plan the perfect outing:

African American History




Will you visit the Raleigh Power House that was built in 1910 to power coal fired steam driven turbines and has now been converted to a microbrewery/cafe?

Raleigh Electric Company Power House
1910 -1930
Or the Ritcher House?

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired,
designed in 1951 by George Matsumoto 

Or the Pullen Park Carousel?

Pullen Carousel was formerly located
At Bloomsbury Park from 1912 - 1915.
The carousel itself dates to 1900.

Or so many other cool "history in plain sight" places to visit on the list?

Take a hometown trip and enjoy your discoveries!

Visit Wake County Genealogical Society's Website - 

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