Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wake Wednesday - Neuse River

Did you know the Neuse River is about 2 million years old and named for the Neusiok Indian tribe? It is known as "the River of Peace."

"At an estimated 2 million years, the Neuse is one of the oldest rivers in the US. Archaeological evidence indicates the first humans settled around the Neuse as early as 14,000 years ago."

Named by English explorer Arthur Barlowe in 1584 for the Neusiok Indians, the river was called  Gow-ta-no, or ‘‘pine in waterby the Tuscarora Indians who thrived along its banks. 


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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Mordecai Historic Park Celebrates 50 Years - Join the fun September 10, 2022

Celebrate Mordecai Historic Park’s 50th anniversary on September 10th from 12 pm to 4 pm with community partners, discounted trolley tours, and free entry to the Mordecai House and other historic buildings onsite. 

Wake County Genealogical Society will have a table. Stop by and say hi. You might even get some genealogy tips on the fly!

Hear from community partners about their work, explore the park’s history since 1972, and see inside some of the historic buildings to learn about future plans for the park.

 Activities will include:

  • Special performances and presentations throughout the park by local groups such as MOJOAA, Seed Art Share, and the Triangle Shape Note Singers
  • Discounted $5 trolley tours of downtown Raleigh (Pre-registration available for tours on the hour at 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm; first come, first served availability the day of for tours on the half hour at 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, and 3:30 pm)
  • Free crafts and park-wide activities
  • Free entry to the Mordecai House and other historic buildings
  • Q and A session with The Ghost Guild
  • Raleigh Sister Cities exhibitions, raffles, and cultural displays
  • Food trucks
Please call the Mordecai Visitor Center at (919) 996-4364 for questions or
more information.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

WCGS - Wake Genealogy Watch, Fall 2022 - Newsletter now available

The Fall 2022 Issue (Vol.6 Issue 1) of our award-winning newsletter, Wake Genealogy Watch, is now available online for reading or download. You can visit the WCGS website  or access through this link. – Wake Genealogy Watch, Fall 2022

  Features included in this issue include:

  • Meet our new President in Training, Saundra Cropps.
  • Multiple Hints to help you get the most from the Wakecogen Homepage.
  • Techniques to reunite your “not my family” photos with their proper relatives.
  • Explore four easy to master tools to identify your autosomal DNA matches.
  • Read about early Jamestown ancestors in the series – Jamestown Who’s Who by Melissa Berry.
  • WCGS membership benefits update.
  • Upcoming events and more.

Photo Note: If you choose to read a printed version of this newsletter, some of the photos will be difficult to view due to size constraints. Please refer to the online edition where you can enlarge the photos to accommodate better viewing. 

Click this newsletter page link to view this and all past newsletter content. 

We welcome your feedback, input, and submissions for inclusions in future editions. Please address all concerns to

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wake Wednesday - Wake Settlers Westward Migration, Part 2


"Of importance to me are untold beginnings from the east, and how mixing with arrivals who traveled the Great Wagon Road changed who we have become." - George Thomas

George's second post on migration from Wake County to points west takes us straight to Cabarrus County.  George follows several families migrating from the southwest corner of our county originating at White Oak of Buckhorn Creek.


Surnames (in order of appearance) include Barker, Letman, Woodward, Keiser,Thomas, Bugg, Green, Bryan, Howell, Jones.

Please visit the post - Beyond the Mountain, Part 2

George Thomas' personal blog - They Lived Along a Rocky River

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Wake Wednesday: From Southwest Wake County to Parts West

Today's special feature Wake Wednesday post comes from WCGS program chair, George Thomas. 

George has really dug deep to discover the westward migration of some early Wake County residents. Not only does his post represent hours of research, but includes the very useful results of the quick platting procedure that he shared with us in April of 2022. Members will find access to the "Presentation Plats" video and handouts in the WCGS Member area. 

His workflow is so easy to do and so useful to apply to any family mystery. George claims it is not perfect, but I find it very useful indeed. "Very useful" is a win when it provides as many clues to FAN (friends, associates, and neigbors) groups as you will see here!

Please go straight to George's post and enjoy the read:  DESIRES BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS

Extreme SW Wake County - Source

Surnames within this post (in order of appearance) - Thomas, Oaks, Peddy, Cobb, Folsom, Jones, Sellers, Smith, Watson, Edwards, Locust, 

George Thomas' personal blog - They Lived Along a Rocky River

Friday, August 12, 2022

Next Wakecogen Virtual Meeting - August 23 - Records Left by the Women in the Tree

There is still plenty of time to sign up for our next virtual Society Meeting. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 23, 6:30pm.

Topic: In Her Own Words - Lives of Women Through Diaries, Journals, Correspondence and More!

Speaker: Diane L. Richard

Women are traditionally challenging to document in historical public records. Personally written diaries, journals, correspondence, and more can help fill in gaps about female ancestors. This talk goes well past journals and diaries as “women” had voices in myriad ways.

This virtual meeting and presentation is open to all, but registration is required.  Visit the WCGS Events page to access the registration link.
To learn Zoom tips for successfully joining the meeting, please read Important ZOOM Tips.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Wake Wednesday - Browse Raleigh History with NC Digital Collections

It is hot outside.  Stay inside and have a browse the NC Digital Collections online? 
Why not start with this State Fair information book from 1899?  There are some beautiful advertising  graphics inside, as well as great historical context for Wake County and the rest of the state at the time. You can page through this volume much like browsing a physical book.
Don't miss the ads for Briggs Hardware, Raleigh Cotton Mills, St Mary's School, Southern Railway, and a host of others less well known that we surely need to keep in our memory. Fun!

    Wednesday, August 3, 2022

    Countdown to Saturday Aug.6 WCGS Special Virtual Event. 3-2-1...Reserve your spot!

    There are still some spots remaining for this event. Please remember to register at our event page (linked below after description). Registration will close Saturday, Aug 6 at 10am EDT.

    At this time the in-person portion is cancelled, and everyone will attend virtually via Zoom. Everyone who registered will receive the Zoom log in shortly before the event and have access to viewing on demand for 90 days after the presentation.

    Whether you are a genetic genealogy novice or an experienced researcher, Dana Leeds developed a method for sorting matches that has changed the process for all comers. It is the first tool that I use when I look at a new tester's results and I am not alone in that.

    Sample Leeds Chart

    About Dana Leeds and the August 6 presentations -

    Genetic Genealogist Dana Leeds started researching her family tree in 1998. She bought her first DNA kit in 2016 and solved her first unknown parentage case in early 2018. While working on another case that year, she created the innovative genetic genealogy tool known as the Leeds Method. This method quickly sorts DNA matches into clusters allowing the user to see which matches belong together. Dana quickly became a nationally known genetic genealogy speaker, and she enjoys helping others to easily understand and work with their DNA results. Her helpful creation has been shared widely on blogs (including her own), at Legacy Webinars, RootsTech, and other genealogy conferences.

    Dana will teach her Leeds Method in the first lecture of the day on August 6. All comers will leave with a simple but powerful new skill to work with their Autosomal DNA.

    For the second lecture of the afternoon, Dana will present a case study that just happened to turn her research to Wake County and involves the local Beddingfield surname. The presentation entitled “One Man, Multiple Names, an Unexpected DNA Discovery” tells the story of William Emmitt Hunter who arrived in Oklahoma around 1910 in his early to mid-30s. He married and raised eight children, but he apparently never told them about his past. Only DNA could unravel his secrets. This presentation will share the fascinating story of his family as well as the genetic and traditional genealogy methodology that was used to uncover it.

    Registration is filling up. Reserve your space soon. Please join us on August 6 for an educational and entertaining experience. Visit the Events page at to start your registration.

    We look forward to seeing you virtually on August 6.

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    Wake Wednesday - NC Baptist Records

    There are several Wake County churches listed in this digital online special collection. You may find churches of interest in other NC locations too.

    Republished from 8/15/18