Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Wake Wednesday - The Blue, The Gray & Reconstruction

The NC Civil War, Emancipation & Reconstruction History Center is a repository of accounts from the war, emancipation and reconstruction that allows us access to accounts of this pivotal period without even leaving home. 


Here are three of the sixteen accounts currently contained within the Wake County collection at the center. 

The Blue - an account of Sherman's march through Wake County.

The Gray - "The Capture and Imprisonment of Luther Mills, 1865," a first hand account of a Confederate soldier's capture and captivity at Johnson Island Prison.  (Note: Allow the page to scroll down to the photos of the account to start reading.)

Reconstruction - The State Convention of the Colored People of North Carolina at Raleigh, September 29, 1865

If you are studying your Civil War era ancestors, the NC Civil War & Reconstruction History Center is a source rich with historical context. Be sure you check out accounts from all NC counties.

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