Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Wake County Genealogical Society Monthy Meetings for 2023 - next - December 5

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Topic: Genealogy Escape Room – The Case of William Sydney Porter: Oh Henry! 
Speaker: Thomas MacEntee

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023 @ 6:30pm - Virtual

Audience Level: Beginner. The more, the merrier, join us for a fun evening of Genealogy Sleuthing led by Thomas!

Imagine you are trapped in your state archive and the only way out is to solve a series of genealogy research puzzles. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready for Genealogy Escape Room™? 

Based on the popular escape room concept, Genealogy Escape Room™ turns the typical webinar format upside down! Each registrant will receive a Case Review File used to solve a series of online research tasks BEFORE the live webinar takes place. The webinar is the "reveal," where a step-by-step review of each puzzle, task, and clue all the way to the final "key" to open the door. 

Genealogy methodology concepts will be summarized before announcing who escaped first! You are locked in at the Olivia Raney Local History Library in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

You are working on an article on famous American authors. In order to unlock the office door and escape, you need to locate the New York State 1905 Census record of William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), better known as O. Henry. 

You MUST complete your research on William Sydney Porter by answering a list of genealogy research questions and FIND the New York 1905 Census record to UNLOCK the main door and escape!

This virtual meeting and presentation is open to all, but registration is required.  *

*Please register by 4pm day of meeting.
*Please save your passcode and link for ease of entry at start time. 

Tuesday, January 23 @ 6:30pm - Virtual
Topic Bounty Land, Military Pensions, & Alt. Records
Speaker: Debra Dudek
Registration opens shortly after the December meeting.

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