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Genetic Genealogy Videos for All Skill Levels: From Newbie to DNA Master One Video at a Time

 This post is one I originally wrote for the Fall 2020 issue of the Wake Genealogy Watch newsletter. The topics are still pretty fresh. I hope you find something useful here.  - Cyndi Deal

DNA for genealogy is a big topic and there are no shortcuts on the learning curve, but there is so much DNA education at our fingertips right now. With so many great genetic genealogy webinars available on line, why not sharpen your skill set?  (Bonus - All but two of these are free!) - CD


You Can Do DNA
, presenters - Christi Lynn Jacobsen, Dana Leeds, Diahan Southard. Watch video
New to DNA? Start here. This covers test types, test companies, testing strategies, best explanation of ethnicity estimates ever, and basic concepts including Leeds Color Matching  in a very beginner friendly format. 

What Exactly is a Centimorgan? An Introduction to the Science of DNA Testing, presenter - Ran Snir.  Watch video
This is an overview of the science and terms you will encounter regularly in the study of genetic genealogy.
CentiMorgan, SNP, Segment, etc.

DNA is Dynamite - How to Ignite your Ancestral Research, presenter Michelle Leonard. Watch video
This is an overview of Y and Mito and good coverage of using Auto and X. It uses examples from several testing companies. Good overview of evaluating match trees and shared matches. 

DNA the Glue That Holds Families Together, presenter - Diahan Southard.  Watch video
Diahan tells the story of the discovery of her Mom's bio family. The work flow up the tree to a common ancestor and back down are well covered here. The process is the same for linking to your DNA matches, adopted or not.

Getting started with DNA, presenter - Debbie Kennett. Watch video
This video covers intro to Y, and Mitochondrial, with emphasis on Autosomal. It highlights the useful new "predictive tree" tools at the major companies.

Intermediate - Advanced

Adoption and Unknown Parentage ($), presenter - Michelle Leonard. Watch video
I am working on my 3rd viewing of this webinar. It is not to be missed. The workflow is basically the same whether you are working an adoptee, NPE, or DNA match with little to no tree. It covers match organization, age considerations, endogamy, segment data, contacting close family. There is a fee ($9/month or $45/year). This is very worth the fee.

 DNA For Your Family Knot, presenter - Jennifer Patterson Dondero. Watch video
Do you sometimes get confusing results with your DNA matches? Do your family lines cross in ways you don't expect? This video covers pedigree collapse and endogamy.

DNA Painter, presenter - Jonny Perl. Watch video
If you have your DNA at sites that share segment data and provide chromosome browsers, you can take advantage of this powerful segment mapping tool.

WATO, presenter - Jonny Perl. Watch video
Introduction and explanation of the What Are the Odds Tool at dnapainter.com. Use this tool to figure out where a mystery match fits into a tree. It includes a live demo of the tool.

Connecting the dots - Intro to Auto Clusters, presenter - Paul Woodbury. Watch video
This is a good introduction to genetic networks and the new Auto Cluster tool at My Heritage. This is a good first stop for working with any cluster tool. 

3 Genealogy DNA Case Studies and How I Solved Them ($), presenter - Roberta Estes. Watch video
There is no substitute for seeing the process in action. Use autosomal, Y and mitochondrial DNA to solve 3 genealogy puzzles. There is a fee ($9/month or $45/year). This is very worth the fee.

Autosomal DNA - a step-by-step approach to analysing your atDNA matches, presenter - Maurice Gleeson. Watch video
This is an older video but presents solid technique. The DNA SIG spent the summer of 2018 learning and practicing Maurice's techniques. It has served us well. 

$ - if you decide to spring for a Legacy Webinar Subscription, check out the Tech Zone short videos and the whole Foundations in DNA series by Blaine Bettinger.  - CD

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