Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Wake Wednesday - Search Digitized Unindexed Wake Records - New Tool At FamilySearch

Update -- See the helpful tip from Barbara McGeachy that she learned at an Olivia Rainey Library tour.

This just passed through my Facebook feed. It will certainly provide new placed to look for ancestors and could really be a game changer. Hope you have a little time to kill...
Read details at FamilySearch

This link pulls up Wake County records, but...

You can take it anywhere you want to go here.

A free log in is required for access.

Barbara McGeachy has passed along a handy tip she learned from a class taught by Hannah Cox of Olivia Raney Local History Library. During a recent OLLI presentation, it was noted that searches within a county do not always turn up all cities within the county. One should conduct a "county name" search and a "county, city name" search. as in the illustration. 

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