Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Wake Wednesday - Map of Wake County - Fendol Bevers 1871

Someone was asking about the specific location of the Wake County Home the other day. I knew I had seen it on a map in the past so I went looking. I spent a few minutes looking through the digital map collection at UNC and found the map I remembered.

In the process of finding that map, I ran across this one which is a gold mine for Wake researchers. The Fendol Bevers map from 1871 includes a wealth of information. The abstract that accompanies the map decribes it this way:
Map drawn from actual surveys of Fendol Bevers, County Surveyor. Inset of City of Raleigh, Table of Population and other information by townships, description of townships reported in margins. Townships designated in color. Map shows townships, landowners, churches, retail stores, schools, mills. Townships shown include Raleigh, New Light, Oak Grove, Barton's Creek, Wake Forest, Little River, Cedar Fork, House's Creek, St. Matthew's, Mark's Creek, White Oak, Swift Creek, St. Mary's, Buckhorn, Middle Creek, and Panther Branch. The Raleigh & Gaston Railroad and the North Carolina Rail Road are shown.
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I could spend days with this map, maybe months... researching all the local interest here. Just look at all the names and locations. Locations of homes, churches, farms and millls. Are your ancestors represented here. Can you share stories of some of these old places? If so, please let me know. I know there are folks that would love to here these stories.

In the meantime, enjoy a pleasant afternoon browsing the map and reminiscing about places and days gone by. View the map it its beautiful entirity here.

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