Monday, February 5, 2024

Quick and Easy Ways to Remember Cousinship

Reprinted from Wake Genealogy Watch, newsletter of the Wake County Genealogy Society, Summer 2019, v2.4.

I can figure cousinship fine when I am at my desk with all kinds of handy charts, but never when I am out and about. Here are two easy tips.—CD

Trick 1: Count the number of Greats and add 1.
Shared 4th great grands + 1 = 5th cousins.

Shared 5th great grands + 1 = 6th cousins.

Grand parents + 1 = 1st cousins. (0 grands to add!)

For a another tip see this Family History Daily post.


Trick 2:

Draw it out, as Roberta Estes did for her blog post on calculating cousins easily. See Roberta’s post here for more tips.


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