Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Wake Wednesday - Margaret Wake Tryon - Mother of Wake

March is Womens' History Month!

Let's start it off by recognizing the woman of  Wake - Margaret Wake Tryon. She may or may not have been the "Mother of Wake County", but our county was certainly named for her in 1770, by none other than Joel Lane, according to Wikipedia.


Margaret was reported to be a "fine accomplish'd lady" in her day, possessed of skills and interests not usually adopted by women of her era. This description at Wikipedia certainly supports that notion.

Wake was described as an "accomplished" and "learned" woman who had a talent for playing the organ and spinet.[3] She was known to avoid women's company and preferred to engage in men's conversation, particularly on the topics of government and military fortifications, which was considered unconventional at the time.[3] She was also interested in military strategy and religion, and kept a large library at Tryon Palace.[12] Wake reportedly insisted on being addressed as Your Excellency, her husband's form of address.[3] 

You may enjoy this story about Margaret at the Norwich Castle Blog

Hats off to Margaret! Huzzah! 


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