Thursday, September 24, 2020

Followup for September's Melungeon Presentation

First of all, many thanks to Heather Andolina for sharing her ancestors and journey of discovery with WCGS. It was a really fascinating evening.  

Here is the link to the trailer for her documentary - Infamous Characters Notorious Villains. Watch the video at YouTube here -

When I went to watch the trailer, I stumbled on into an absolute rabbit hole of good Melungeon videos that are really worth watching. If you were intrigued along with me, you might want to check these out too.

Lisa Alther reads excerpts her book Kinfolks, and talks of her Melungeon heritage -

Darlene Franklin Campbell gives a detailed account through time and space of the peoples who traveled the world to converge in the Appalacian Ridge to create the Melungeon people. Watch her Melungeon Overview Presentation -

Here is the trailer for another documentary that was made in 2008.
Melungeon Voices -

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