Tuesday, June 25, 2019

DNA Handout #2 from June WCGS meeting - Leeds Color Matching

Leeds Color Matching Sorting Method for atDNA Matches
Presenter: Cyndi Deal

DNA with DANA LEEDS - blog for Color Clustering Matches - https://dnawithdana.com

Dana Leeds Presentation at I4GG2018

Color and Tag with Ancestrys new features
·        Video from Blaine Bettinger - Sub-Clustering Your Shared Matches at AncestryDNA
Other Blogs and Work Groups
¡  Roberta Estes blog post,  The Leeds Method
¡  Roberta Estes blog post, Painting Leeds matches to DNAPAINTER (using matches with chromosome data)
¡  Diahan Southard blog post, Organizing Matches with Leeds
¡  Facebook Workgroup Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques  >> search Leeds in box on left sidebar
Preprinted worksheet for Leeds Method
DNA Match Manager

Conditional Formatting recipe”  -  Included in handout

Gather Matches for excel the Fast way

DNA Match Manager
        Free, Fast
        Works with all main test sites and GedMatch
        Creates csv files that you can save in Excel

DNA Match Manager
Color match options Easy vs. Power tools

Format Cell color

Right click on cell> choose fill tool (Paint bucket)> Choose color. This is simple and works, but you can’t sort it.

Recipe for Conditional Formatting in Excel

Home tab on Excel task Ribbon> Conditional Formatting dropdown> New Rule> 2nd option: format only cells that contain> fill cell value and define a color.
Power Tool option: Allows you to sort columns into associated family lines when they become apparent.

My Latest leeds effort
Using Power Tools:

¡  Match Manager data
¡  Conditional Formatting
¡  Color Code the starting match
¡  Rearranging the Columns as family lines become apparent

This shows how my process has evolved since first Leeds chart example that I shared with you. You can see that I have been moving the columns around as their connections become obvious.

Final Step, transfer this valuable info to your AncestryDNA match Page. Color code and Tag your matches with Ancestrys new features. See Blaine Bettinger video (link on Resource page).

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  1. Great meeting last night! Can't wait to organize my shared matches!