Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wake Wednesday - Samuel Nathaniel Vass

I like to find interesting posts of Wake County origin to share with you on Wednesday, but when someone else does it better, my time and yours is best served by referring you to an original post. 

Today I want to send you in the direction of the Wake Forest Museum blog where assistant director, Jennifer Smart, has shared the life story of early civil rights activist, Samuel Nathaniel Vass.  She tells his story in all its shades of pain and inspiration. Please read here.

Favorite quotes:
“There is one thing certain and that is: We’ve got to live side by side, so why can’t we be friends, respecting the rights of each other at all times.”
- Dr Rufus Vass, Federal Writers Project interview.

"Here at the museum, we constantly search for our local African American history. Too often, we hit a dead end.It’s like sitting in a theater, waiting for the show to start. We hear the murmur of voices coming from backstage–men, women, old, young, all different ages and accents and dialects. Then the curtain rises and there’s this group of really dignified white men in suits. They are phenomenal talkers. Super smart. Sometimes they make speeches. But all the time, the only story they tell is their story. They never stop to listen to anyone else. They never even look around. And yet we can still hear those voices whispering.It makes us want to shout from the audience, “For history’s sake… look into the wings! If you can’t move aside for the next act, at least tell us what’s going on back there!” "
Jennifer Smart

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