Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wake Wednesday - Fort Family Builders

The Fort Family Builders, renowned for their carpentry and finishing settled in Wake county in the late 1700. 

"...Frederick and Mary Ann Fort moved from Sussex County, Virginia, to Wake County in the 1780s, along with their son, William Knight. The younger carpenter sons, John and Elias, were born in Wake County and joined William—who was old enough to be their father—in the carpenter's trade, and they were probably trained by him as well. By the 1790s,William Fort was busy at his trade in Wake County, where he took several apprentices to the carpenter's and wheelwright's trades in 1798, 1804, 1809, and 1814. Another brother, Foster, also took an apprentice to the carpenter's trade in Wake County in 1804, but little is known of his work as a carpenter.
The Fort brothers' chief known work is the plantation complex at Fairntosh (1810-1822) in the section of Orange County that became present Durham County. It was built for Duncan and Rebecca Bennehan Cameron..."

The full family bio is here - Fort Family (1764-1845)

View detailed photos of their most famous work, Fairntosh.


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