Friday, November 23, 2018

Volunteer Request - Seeking Narrative Stories for Wake Treasures

Request from Wake Treasures quarterly journal editor, Diane L. Richard: 

Going forward, we would love to include more narrative pieces in the pages of the Wake Treasures Journal – case studies, family stories, short memory pieces of life back when, etc. Stories don’t need to be long or involved. They can be stories about family, about communities, about activities (church, sports, service organizations, scouts, schools, businesses, and so on), buildings and landmarks that existed and no longer do so, and the list is endless. Any bit of Wake County history involves people … History is invaluable to our genealogical research and our search into family histories provides value and context to history. 

Do you live in Wake County and like me don’t have family here? 

We all live and/or drive by places where history happened – let’s learn more about this history or share what we already do know! No Wake County ancestry is needed for these types of contributions. Please consider how you might help share our “collective” history, family lore and more via the journal. 

Thanks! - Diane,

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