Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wake Wednesday - Turn of the Century

Raleigh - 1891

The N C Museum of History recently shared this very quaint view of Fayetteville Street in 1891. I would love to match the business names up to an 1890 census. Alas, we shall have to rely on old maps, newspaper articles and adverts instead. Anyone familiar with these names?
H. Mahler
J. C. S. Lumsden & Sons
Anyone know what the horseshoe sign on the far right building represents? 
I believe the two brick buildings still stand and the two story wooden Lumsden building was replaced after 1896 with a 3 story brick building.
See the Google street view here. Notice  the arch window features on the middle brick building are a perfect match for the H. Mahler building.  Modern day Mahler building...