Tuesday, June 15, 2021

WCGS Blog Email Subscribers - The subscription change over will happen sometime this week

Subscribers, your blog posts from WCGS will still hit your inboxes in a timely manner (maybe even better). They will arrive under a different header. I want you to be aware of what to look for so you can check your junk mail boxes and add us back to your allowed emails if there is an interruption in service. 

The new service is called follow.it. When you receive a blog update to your inbox, it will look a little different. The sender will be follow.it and the subject line will read something like "Wake County Genealogical Society Blog - new message."  It will look something like this --

or this--

When you open the message, you will see the content that you expect from WCGS, in a slightly new format.

Click to view original size

Notice the green "Continue Reading" text just under the post. This will take you directly to the online blog for a better reading experience or if you wish to enlarge the pictures to get a better look. There is also a large green "Manage your feeds" button below the post. Clicking here allows you to change your feed frequency.

We average about 2 post a week, so the standard "email per post" should not be intrusive. You will receive each post within 6 hours of its creation. If you prefer, you can receive a "24 hour digest" of posts that you can access thru the manage link. 

Once the transition happens, you may receive an email from follow.it directly to confirm your subscription. You should answer yes and follow the steps to continue receiving WCGS posts without interuption. 

After the transition happens, I will send out one event announcement and two test posts in close timing to each other. If you have not received these posts by Sunday, June 20, you should check your spam folder. If there is nothing there, you should go to the WCGS blog page and sign up again. Look for the new sign up box at the top of the right hand column. 

I hope I have covered all the bases for you and that the transition is smooth and barely noticible for you. This was a huge learning curve for me and I am thankful to have found an alternative so that you can still receive WCGS updates in a timely manner. 

See you on the other side!

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